About Us


On any given day, thousands of major NGOs, government agencies, and non profit organizations globally are collaborating to tackle our world’s toughest challenges. Still, sometimes it’s the small actions that can make the biggest impact. At Jonbridgefoundation, we want to help spark these small acts of goodness to help solve everyday challenges and transform lives. Our non profit organization based in United Kingdom strives to initiate changes that matter in a big way. The organization was founded by Sylvester Nwachukwu in relation of his critical illness in April 2020. He was hospitalised for Myocarditis and ischemic cholangiopathy, which kept him in the hospital for over five months. During that time, his actions resonated in his absence as his friends, relatives and community came together to sustain his family in all ways. Therefore, this foundation is a way of carrying on the generosity that he received during that hard time.

Our Vision

• Our vision is to focus on six projects which will impact the lives of individuals in our inaugural year and then increase that by 40% through mindful contributions focused on long-term change. These projects involve poverty alleviation and healthcare support.

Our Mission?

• Jonbridgefoundation is a global non profit initiative to spark changes through mindful giving and meaningful actions.
• Jonbridgefoundation aims to spark small acts of goodness to help solve everyday challenges and transform lives.
• Jonbridgefoundation is a global initiative to unite compassionate people ready to take mindful actions to change individual lives as we strive to make our world a better place.

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How we operate

* Providing grants to the families of people who have been hospitalized due to ill health and are experiencing difficulties

* Providing house hold items like food, clothing, shoes and books.

* Providing grants for education fees and any related adhoc cost.


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